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My Top 4 CS:GO Server Mods

Last updated: April 9, 2021

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To date I have tested 52 different providers to see who can really deliver the best CS:GO Server Hosting.

New mods for CS:GO are always being added on a weekly basis and it’s no surprise given how popular the game is.

With an average of 900,000 players daily there are plenty of players to match up against.

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However competitive matches can become repetitive and it’s great to mix things up once in a while with the addition of CS:GO server mods.

What Are Mods?

Well to put it simply it’s a file that is usually created by a community member known as a “modder.”

These players and programmers set out to design new game features for CS:GO including new maps, skins, game modes and more.

Players like you and me can then download these mods from the steam workshop and add them to our servers.

My Top 4 CS:GO Mods

In this article, I will talk about my favorite server mods that are currently available for download.

1. Practice Maps

CS:GO Practice Map

Getting good at CS:GO takes hundreds of practice hours, with only the committed getting good enough to turn professional.

However, many advanced and pro-players have always said that using practice maps has been the key to their success as it gave them a space to figure out the game mechanics.

Practice maps like “Fast Aim Training” or “Recoil Master” help players improve their shooting skills, which obviously is important for an FPS.

Practice Maps have over 10 million subscribers and the number continues to grow, which is a testament to just how good the mod is.

2. Text Color

CS:GO Text Color ModI have always thought that the text and the interface of CS:GO were rather outdated and difficult to read when you’re racing around the map.

However, you can add the mod “Text Color” to help improve the overall interface graphics and give it a visual facelift.

I have noticed that the mod makes information easier to read with its vibrant appearance.

If you’re new to the game you can also benefit from some additional features including:

  • Players hints and tips that have been added for new players
  • The HUD appearance has been streamlined and menus are easier to navigate.
  • A new warning system has been added for incoming threats. This will appear as a red on-screen message.

It’s not the most exciting mod but it does fix a few issues. It’s considered a quality of life change rather than a gameplay enhancement.

3. Hardcore Survival

Hardcore Survival Mod for CS:GO

If you’re a fan of tower defense or wave-based game modes, hardcore survival is worth downloading.

Players will work together to defend against waves of enemies, with the objective of staying alive as long as possible.

Waves will progressively get harder making this a challenge for even advanced players.

At the end of each round players will be given the opportunity to craft weapons and build up some base defenses to help them survive the next wave.

Game-play never gets boring as there are a few different maps that you can play on.

The Hardcore Survival mod has over 450,000 subscribers and is probably one of the best wave modes for CS:GO.

It’s like Call of Duty Zombies but based in the Counter-Strike universe.

Please Note: The mod file is only 96MB which is great for players that have limited space on their computer. It can be downloaded via the Steam Workshop.

4. The Second War

Second War Mod

If you prefer to play Counter-Strike 1.6 with a WW2-themed twist “The Second War” is the best mod to download.

Players can choose from 19 job roles including soldier and medic, which all have their own unique skills and weapons.

All weapons are WW2 related and there are over 60 to arm yourself with.

There are loads of different game modes for your friends to play, including Dogfight, Deathmatch and the classic Zombies.

Please Note: This mod is for the Classic Counter strike 1.6 and will not work on CS:GO servers.

Installing Mods On Your CS:GO Server

Before installing a mod you will first need to set a server up, I have a guide on this website that will help you start your own server.

However, this guide covers local set up which some players may struggle with due to technical restrictions.

If you’re unable to set up a server locally it’s worth renting a cheap CS:GO server from a hosting company that will run and manages the server for you for a low monthly payment.

If you would like to know more about server rental read my article titled “Choosing a CS:GO Server Provider.”

Within that article, I have listed all of the key areas to consider when renting a server, with the aim to save you money and give you enough information to make a smarter choice.

My Hosting Review Process:

1. Find 52 popular CS:GO Server Hosting providers

2. Buy a basic package and set it up

3. Run speed tests on server

4. Compare the features vs. cost

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