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Promoting Your CS:GO Server

Last updated: April 9, 2021

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To date I have tested 52 different providers to see who can really deliver the best CS:GO Server Hosting.

If you want to get more players on your server you should consider promoting it.

Twitch, social media and Reddit are great places to promote your CS:GO server.

You could create your own Twitch stream, reach out to your friends on social media or try posting on Reddit.

These are my tips to help promote your server on social media platforms.

1. Twitch Streaming

Creating a stream can be a fantastic way to promote your server.

CS:GO On Twitch

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive category on Twitch has 23.4 million followers and a daily average of 100,000 watchers.

This means there are plenty of potential viewers if you can draw people in to watch your stream.

How to get more viewers

Get viewers old screen

Interact with your watchers

If you’re a smaller streamer you will need to connect with your viewers. Interacting and socializing with your viewers gives them a reason to watch your next stream. Large streamers always keep their audience engaged.

Twitch is about community and without them, your channel is nothing. Shout-outs, answering questions and talking directly with your viewers help you connect. Viewers will return to your channel if you include them in your streams.

Skin or prize giveaways

Personally rewarding your watchers will help build up your reputation. Viewers will return to watch you if they feel that they can gain something at the same time. I often see skin giveaways by streamers.

Daily streaming

Once you start to build an audience you will need to continue streaming. Try to stream as much as possible.

The more you stream the more likely people will find your channel. Having a schedule is a great way to inform your followers and draw them back more often.


What content do you provide? Are you creating content before you stream or are you streaming without a plan?

Having content before you stream is a great way to keep your stream relevant and on topic.

CS:GO Streamer Content

If you struggle to think of things to say during a stream.

Have a list of things you can talk about, game or channel-related. This will help with any of your quiet moments.


What’s special about your stream? I often see a lot of streamers and YouTubers trying to be like their favorite influences.

This is not wrong, but in my opinion, people are usually looking for something new.

Try and add your own personality and twist on your stream. It will help the audience connect with you more.

Games they play

Obviously, if you want to draw people to your CS:GO server you should stream that.

However, when you first start out you should test playing other games to try and broaden your audience base.

You may find that you attract more viewers playing other games. If they become regular viewers they may also watch your Counterstrike streams.


Be funny. Some streamers are very entertaining and funny. Being lighthearted and openly funny with your audience can help improve your channel’s reputation. If you can work comedy into your streams, your content will stand out.

Skill and gaming experience

Are you good at the game you’re streaming? Your skills alone may be enough to bring players back to your channel. I have seen many streamers with loads of views that barely engage with their audience because they are consumed by the game they are playing. If you don’t have personality or humor. Being good at the game could help draw viewers to your channel.

Ultimately becoming a streamer takes a lot of work and dedication so this may not be the quickest way to promote your server. However, gaining your own following on Twitch has its own benefits.

2. Social Media Advertising

CS:GO screenshot

Reach out to Your Friends

Social media is a great way to connect with both your online and offline friends. If you have lots of gamer friends I’d suggest reaching out to them over social media. You could contact them directly to tell them about your new server. Alternatively, you could try putting a post up promoting your newly found CS:GO server hosting.

Things to include in your post:

  • Server Name
  • IP
  • Location
  • Scheduled Events
  • Mods
  • Images or Video

Try tagging your friends in the post so it appears on their feed.

Paid Advertising

Social Media platforms offer their users the chance to use paid advertising. Facebook, YouTube and Instagram all have the ability to buy advertisement space. You can use their advertising services to specifically show your ads to your target audience. Why not have your server appear during CS:GO content or on related posts and pages.

Unfortunately, this can be very expensive if you’re unsure what you are doing. I would only suggest using this approach if you have knowledge of social media advertising or have a large well-established server you want to promote. This isn’t worth doing if you only want to run a casual server with a couple of players. Stick to the friend outreach instead.


Reddit is a great way to find players and promote your server quickly. The CS:GO page has over 350,000 followers and several different threads that can be used for recruitment and server promotion.

CS:GO Recruit Reddit

The recruitment page has over 40,000 followers. Check out the thread with the link below:


Social media is a fantastic way to tell your friends and others about your new server. If you have the skills and drive I would suggest using the Twitch method. Twitch when done right can give you a lot of viewers to promote to.

However, if you don’t feel like twitch is a good option, why not simply start with social media and friends to get a few players on your server. If you’re just a casual player, this is a fantastic option, which is free and easy to do.

My Hosting Review Process:

1. Find 52 popular CS:GO Server Hosting providers

2. Buy a basic package and set it up

3. Run speed tests on server

4. Compare the features vs. cost

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