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Finding a CS:GO Team To Join

Last updated: April 9, 2021

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If you’re looking for a competitive team to join there are a couple of options. It’s relatively easy to find a team that will suit your play style and specifications. The best places to find teams and players have always been via team finding websites or Reddit. Here you can post player advertisements or respond to team recruitment posts that already exist.

Competitive Team Search

Team Find

TeamFind Logo

Team Find is a space where players, teams and coaches come together. If you’re serious about finding a team, this is a great website to join. You can find teams for CS:GO, DOTA, LOL and more with over 350,000 registered players and 42,000 teams you will definitely find a team here.

If you’re searching for a team you can either create a player post, which allows you to list your details, experience and location. Alternatively, you can search the group posts. Here you will find daily posts from teams looking for new teammates. Simply send them a message to start the recruitment process.

Team find is free to join: Screenshot

The website Teams is slightly different from Team Finder above. The website tries to take a different approach to match players together. When you sign up you will be asked lots of different questions about the games you play, how often you play and more. Teams then use the data you provide them with to match you up with similar players.

What Teams is good for:

  • Matched with appropriate players
  • Saves you posting on multiple forums
  • Quick matchmaking
  • In-depth data about your teammates
  • Easy to use

This is great as it saves you from having to create posts and matches you with more like-minded people. However, this does take out a lot of the selection process on your end. I would definitely suggest using teams as it’s a very good website and gives a fresh take on player finds.

Teams are free to join:



RecruitCS is the best forum on Reddit to find casual and competitive CS:GO players. The group has over 40,000 members and continually has players posting daily on the thread. I often see both teams and solo players posting on the forum.

CS:GO Recruit on Reddit

If you want to get in contact with one of the posts, simply sign up or sign in to your Reddit account a reply back to their posting. You could be playing for a new team by the end of the week.

Follow the link below to start your search:


GamerPals is a thread on Reddit that has over 72,000 members making it a great place to find new friends. This isn’t an exclusive CS:GO thread so you will often find multiple game posts here. This is a great place to look if you are a casual gamer. You can find less serious players that you can hang out with and play the same games.

GamerPals Reddit

This is a player-only posting thread. This means that you can only create posts that advertise you as a player.

You are not allowed to create server or team postings. If you are looking for just CS:GO players then I wouldn’t suggest using this forum as it’s more of a general gaming audience.

Follow the link to post your advertisement:

Match Making

If you are a more casual gamer, the game’s matchmaking is a great place to find potential team members. You will find that a lot of new and solo players tend to join servers on their own. If you have a microphone, I’d suggest openly communicating with them. You may make friends in-game that can later become teammates.

Find a server for your team

Are you looking to find a new server for your team or want to add an additional practice server? Why not check out my CS:GO server hosting guide where I give an in-depth evaluation of the top 10 CS:GO server providers available with a deeper look at performance, control panels and more.

My Hosting Review Process:

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2. Buy a basic package and set it up

3. Run speed tests on server

4. Compare the features vs. cost

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